Washing, washing, washing

I have never done so much washing in my life. How does someone so small generate so much dirty laundry? We have been home a week and I think there has only been one day in that week where a load of washing hasn’t been done! No one told me about this aspect of life with a new born.

We always said that we weren’t going to stress about the little one being a little dirty but he has an ability to get himself covered in things he can’t stay covered in! Thankfully his extensive wardrobe is coming in handy and thankfully the amazing weather we have been having in New Zealand (about seven weeks without rain) means the washer/dryer isn’t being worked to within an inch of its life.

All this washing and life with a new born in general hasn’t left many opportunities to craft but I am hopefully that I will get a chance some time in the near future…maybe!