Time flies


Everyone always tells you that time flies by when you have a little one and you know it will be true but it is still surprising how quickly time does pass. It’s not as though we have done much to make time pass; each day is generally made up of cuddling, feeding, changing nappies, napping and maybe a tiny amount of housework or crafting; yet time is whiz zing past at an amazing rate.

The little one is four weeks old today, almost a whole month of life with our tiny man. It’s not always been easy, there are days when we can’t work out for the life of us what is wrong with him and there have been nights of very little sleep. It can be incredibly frustrating at times, especially when you think he’s hungry but it turns out he’s not after a struggle to get him latched (you’d think that struggle was a clue but not the case as sometimes after a struggle he’ll feed for ages!). We have made it through the days that Daddy has gone back to work and we are getting things done (even if it is just little things at the moment). It is fun watching the lights slowly come on though and I think we are becoming more confident parents.

He makes up for all the crying with his lovely snuggles (Daddy particularly likes these) and we are starting to see the start of a smile developing (and boy is it going to be a winning smile!). Today he appeared to be reaching out for a toy on his play mat, something he hasn’t done before. I know this time is precious so I make a conscience effort not to wish it away (although I do wish he would stop crying some days and count the hours until Daddy is home to help), these milestones will soon be coming thick and fast.