One thing I have found more time for since the little one arrived is reading. Being trapped on the sofa with him for at least a couple of hours each day I had to find something to do and there is only so much telly you can (or should) watch.


I’ve always loved escaping into a good book but I noticed that since I became a teacher three years ago I have found very little time to indulge in this pleasure. Now I am rediscovering this little luxury again. I have even managed to get some reading done while feeding (iPads and eReaders are the best for this as no pages to fight against!). It is so nice to escape the four walls of my house through a book if I can’t physically get out (just as this blog is kind of like a conversation when no one else is around). My current read is “The House of Silk” by Antony Horowitz (a new Sherlock Holmes novel) and so far it is fabulous.

Daddy and the little one enjoying a good book.

Daddy and the little one enjoying a good book.

I hope to instil a love of reading in the little one and he already has quite an extensive library of his own. Both Daddy and I enjoy reading him a story already and I don’t think he minds listening. Our favourites so far are “The Snail and the Whale” by Julia Donaldson and “Daddy’s Cheeky Monkey” by Andrew Daddo.

To be honest I don’t remember my Mum or Dad reading to me regularly when I was small,even though I know they did. I do remember Dad reading two particular books though and to this day they are favourites of mine (“The Hobbit” and “The Fox Busters“). These books are among my fondest childhood memories.

As a teacher I always encourage parents to read to their children and to demonstrate enjoyment for reading. I always felt a bit sad when parents told me they no longer read to their child as they were too old (at 9 or 10) or because the children can read themselves. Nothing brings book to life more than someone reading it to you with voices and expression. It also makes reading a social pastime rather than a solitary one and aren’t we are all looking for an excuse to spend more time with our children? What could be easier than reading a book together. I don’t want my little ones first exposure of books to be an academic one either as books then become a chore rather than a pleasure.

Our little man should be fine as both his Mummy and Daddy love to read and are happy to make time for reading to him and with him. I wonder what books he will remember as special. Fingers crossed he will become as much of a book worm as we both are.