Life is about to get interesting


I am a 34 Primary Teacher living in New Zealand. I am about to undertake the biggest adventure of my life so far, I am about to become a mummy. Currently 33 weeks pregnant, I have about 6 weeks until the little one arrives. It is all very exciting and just a little daunting.

I am also a craft addict, I’ll give any craft a go and absolutely love making things myself. I also love taking old things and giving them a new life. The nesting instinct has kicked in and my poor boy is bearing the brunt of my need to create things!

This blog is an attempt to document my adventure into mummy-hood and the things I create as I go. I am under no illusions that for the first couple of months I won’t be creating much as the little bundle will occupy my every waking moment (and probably quite a few of what should be my sleeping moments) but fingers crossed once we start to get settled there will be the odd time to create and eventually to create together.