Today is the day…

…the day we go in to hospital to be induced and hopefully meet our little one. It is obviously very exciting but I will freely admit that it is more than a little scary as well. Being the wife of a doctor I am pretty clued up on what is about to happen to me. In some ways that is a good thing as knowledge can help you prepare for what is to come; knowledge however can be frightening for the same reason, I know what is going to happen to me! I am very lucky as I have an awesome Hubby who I have no doubt will be my rock throughout the whole process.

baby-23991_640I know that it will all be worth it and at the end of the process I will be able to hold my little one and I am sure I will forget about the struggles I have been through to meet him. We both can’t wait to meet him and give him a first proper cwtch (Welsh for cuddle). We are also prepared for the sheer exhaustion that having a newborn will bring, the endless feeding and nappy changing, the sleepless nights, the crying for no reason we can figure out. It’s going to be fun!

With all this in mind it is likely that this will be my last post for a little while as life is going to become all sorts of crazy! Wish us luck as we start out on this adventure!