A Passion for Snail Mail

I’ve always loved sending and receiving letters, when I was younger I had ten pen pals in order to feed this habit! There is something so lovely about discovering a hand written letter from a friend or relative tucked in between the bills and junk mail. As an adult life often gets in the way of this simple pleasure and I have tended to resort to email or … *shudder* … Facebook. These obviously serve a purpose and definitely allow me to stay in touch but they remove that personal touch, that hidden message of someone setting time aside to concentrate on you and nothing else. Personally I think more thought goes into a letter than into an email, an email is too easy.

Since the little one arrived I have rediscovered the pleasure of writing letters (although I’ll admit that I tend to write them on the computer as I can do it one handed whilst feeding as well!). A letter is another way to hold a conversation with someone when I am stuck in the house, it helps me to feel connected to people who are far away (when I would really love them to be close by). It is easy to feel isolated with a newborn and that is compounded for me by living on the other side of the planet to my family and a lot of friends.

Family and friends have had letters fired off to them with tales of the boy and thank yous for the many gifts we have received. We have also received more parcels and letters than we have for many years, and although I know the parcels will stop, I look forward to the postie cycling past and the excitement and anticipation of what we might find in the mail box each day. I might not have ten pen pals any more but I am certainly getting more exciting mail than I have for a long time and with my re-found love of writing letters fingers crossed it will continue.