Retro baby

Another crafty related post is in order but this time it is not the fruits of my labour that I will be writing about. This time I am writing about the results of the little one’s Grandma’s efforts.

A parcel arrived from the UK today, always an exciting find in the letter box. We were on our way to town so we sat in the car and dove in to find out what goodies were inside. What greeted us was the most wonderful surprise…three little hand knitted outfits. Now I am willing to try my hand at just about anything but knitting has always defied me, no matter how hard I try all I seem to be able to create is a wonky strip with more than its fair share of holes in it. This is why I have a passion for crochet, I can cope with one needle, it can’t gang up with its friend and make me look hopeless!

Thankfully both Grandmum’s to be are very capable knitters and so we had been keeping fingers crossed for some goodies to wing their way to us. These knitted delights were even better than we could have expected however as they were knitted for another baby about 34 years ago…Hubby’s Mum had made her way up into her attic and managed to find some of the little outfits that she made for Hubby when he was a baby! Not only is the little one going to be wearing garments crafted from old t-shirts he is also going to be wearing his Dad’s hand me downs.

We love them as they are so wonderfully retro. I’m especially fond of the little red knitted knickers and we will no doubt make sure to take a lot of pictures of the little fellow in them (if only to drag out on his 18th birthday party!). I really do think it is rather cool that these clothes have been kept and get another chance to be used and loved. They are certainly very, very special.