The truth about babies…what I’ve learnt so far!

I thought I would share some of the things I have learnt in my first six months (almost) of mummyhood. In no particular order…

1. Your baby will always fall asleep on a walk just before you get home/back to the car, just in time for you to have to wake them moving them into their car seat/bed.

2. Just when you think you have a schedule happening your baby will change things up just to keep you on your toes.

3. Your baby will always wait until your other half has gone to work before doing the biggest, smelliest poo possible (Monday mornings are a particularly popular time for him/her to do this)

4. Whenever you think it is safe to get a hot drink/some food your baby will prove you wrong.

5. Just when you think your baby can not scream any more they will find their second wind.

6. Your baby will save his/her cutest smile for the time he/she knows you are most annoyed/frustrated with them (I’m sure this is a built in survival mechanism!)

7. Your baby will behave impeccably around other people, making you out to be exaggerating everything you say about them. The second those people have left your baby will revert to normal behaviour.

8. Your baby will save their loudest burp/fart for when you are in company (but it’s ok to laugh at baby burps and farts!).

9. You will try all those things you were told not to do, anything to get some sleep (a cuddle or a snuggle can solve many things)

10. Despite and because of all these things it is an amazing first six months (even if it is at times difficult to see this)

Please let me know any pearls of wisdom you might have learnt about mummyhood (or daddyhood) as it is always good to get warning about what might be ahead!


Teaching Hubby

I’m going to try and teach a friend to crochet tomorrow. I’ve been crocheting for years now and am pretty quick (I can do a granny square almost without looking) so I know I need to slow it down and work out how to describe everything. With this in mind I asked hubby if I could try and teach him this weekend and bless him he said yes.

He loves to watch me crochet, especially when I am making cool things for the little one, but has never expressed an interest in actually learning. He undertook the lesson with enthusiasm though and we were aiming to make a crochet jellyfish.

We started with a simple chain and he quickly picked that up, producing a tentacle in no time at all. Pleased with his progress he wanted to move onto the body, confident he could make the other tentacles later. To do the body I needed to explain double crochet (or single depending on where you are from), a much more tricky undertaking. I learnt one lesson very quickly, dark wool is not good for beginners as it makes seeing the stitches quite tricky. I also learnt that it is surprising how much goes into a good explanation of a stitch. Hubby got frustrated with me for not explaining things well, I got frustrated for him not understanding me and taking a while (my impatience rather than any fault of his) but he was definitely starting to get the hang of it by the end of the weekend. I’ll see if he will let me publish a picture of his jellyfish when it is finished.

I feel much more prepared for my next attempt at teaching my friend tomorrow although it could be interesting as we will have two baby boys with us…fingers crossed they sleep!

A little bit extra

No matter how hard I try I often gain stitches when I crochet. I’m not really sure how I do it as I am very careful, counting stitches as I go to make sure I am following the pattern, checking the number of stitches on a regular basis, using place markers to ensure I know where a row ends. But despite all of this I still gain stitches. If it is only one or two then I can fix it as I go along but sometimes one or two becomes ten or more and invariably that means starting again. It’s more than a little frustrating, even more so now crafting time is precious and making mistakes can lead me to feel like I have wasted that precious time. Maybe it’s from the over excitement of actually getting to do some crafting, maybe I need to calm myself down a little bit!

Oh we’ll, it looks like I am going to have to undo some of my work and try and figure out where I went wrong. The little one is still asleep so there is still crafting time to be had this morning!

Grizzle Monster

I’m not quite sure what is wrong with the boy, all possibilities have been eliminated…he’s fed, clean and cuddled…but he is a right grizzle monster. He was like it yesterday afternoon as well but obviously whatever was bothering him thankfully disappeared at night and he was fine. The grizzles have returned today though and I am home alone so it could be a long day.

I don't think my cake will look this good!

I don’t think my cake will look this good!

Today, however, I have made the decision to just get things done through the grizzles as otherwise I end up feeling frazzled and frustrated. Nothing makes time drag more than being stuck on the sofa with a crying baby. With this in mind we made a trip to the supermarket (which he kindly slept through only to return to grizzling when we got home!) and I have made a cake (when I say made, I added a couple of ingredients to a packet mix but it’s a start!). I intend to have a shower later as well, something that I totally failed to do yesterday. I am also making full use of my arsenal of distractions, he is currently lying on his musical play mat and is momentarily quiet!

Through all of this I will do my best not to watch the clock and count the hours down until Hubby gets home. Thankfully he is off for the next two days as tomorrow we are giving the little one a reason to grizzle…his first jabs!