Night shifts

We’ve managed a day home alone but tonight we are entering the realm of the night shift. Hubby works in the ICU department of the local hospital and does shift work. He has successfully got away without having a night for quite some time but we can avoid it no longer. So far we are going ok (30 minutes in!) as the boy is asleep and obviously I am getting to write this.

Fingers crossed for lots of this.

Fingers crossed for lots of this.

I shouldn’t be daunted really as I normally deal with the night feeds and nappy changes by myself to let Hubby sleep for work but somehow it feels a little different knowing that I have no support should things go wrong. I guess there is no reason to believe that things will be any different tonight to how they are most nights and I’m sure a positive attitude will go a long way after all the little one is well behaved at night more often than he isn’t.

I know it is hard on Hubby as well, he desperately wants to be at home with the boy too, he doesn’t want to miss out on a thing. I’m sure he will be rushing home from his shift to grab some cuddles and maybe a smile before he has to head to bed for a daytime sleep. I’m sure that the little one will be totally unaware for the most part that Daddy isn’t here either and as long as I stay calm then we’ll be sweet.

I’ll report again from the other side…wish us luck!

Home alone

The time has come when the little one and I find ourselves home alone as Daddy had to go back to work. It is a rather daunting prospect (perhaps more so as Hubby’s shifts are 13 hours long!). It is amazing what a difference an extra pair of hands makes. It is also amazing how much time it takes to look after a newborn who essentially just eats, sleeps, poops and cries! Our first day home alone yesterday was ok although I think my greatest achievement was unloading and loading the dishwasher! It doesn’t help that the little one has decided he needs to be near one of us nearly all the time during the day.

I have decided to be my own best friend though and set no goals for each day other than getting through it, if I then manage to do something it will feel like a massive achievement! I’ve heard of people who write themselves big lists of things they will do when they have so much time at home with their babies and then drive themselves crazy because they tick off a grand total of zero from the list! I guess my biggest achievement only has to be making sure the little one is comfy and happy, that’s a pretty big achievement when you think of it.