The Great Dummy Debate (a.k.a The Pacifier Polemic)

When I found out that I was pregnant I knew that I didn’t want my little one to have a dummy. I hated seeing children with them and was sure that they were totally unnecessary. I never had one when I was little and neither did Hubby. My little boy was not going to become dependent on a little bit of plastic.

Is this really so evil?

Is this really so evil?

You will probably ask why I took such a strong view point on this issue and to be honest I’m not really sure. I guess I had heard that they cause dental problems and I hated the idea of being tied to this little plastic thing, fearing it going missing and becoming a part of our lives for far too long. When I say I hate seeing children with them I guess I mean toddlers, three or four year olds still hanging onto this symbol of baby-hood. After researching I found that these little items can also cause problems with breastfeeding, something called nipple confusion can apparently happen as baby suddenly doesn’t really know what is boob and what is dummy. I obviously didn’t want to make feeding any more difficult than it was already going to be.

However my view has changed…a night of constant screaming that only seemed to be eased by placing a little finger in the little ones mouth was enough to break us. It turns out that sucking can help ease gas pain and the boy is rather windy. Feeding him doesn’t help as it adds to the wind problem and putting your finger in his mouth every time he has gas pain is not going to work. More research also revealed that apparently these “evil” little bits of plastic can help prevent SUDI (or SIDS) if used when they are falling asleep…perhaps they aren’t so evil after all.


The Moustache Pacifier

The little one now has a dummy and it helps keep him calm and quiet when the gas pains hit. Despite my reservations I have to say he actually looks rather cute with it too (especially the funny little moustache one sent to us by some close friends!).  In some ways my position has not changed, I am still determined that he will not continue to use one long term (and thankfully he appears to be indifferent to it at times, spitting it out if he’s not interested), but I now see that they have their place and our little bit of plastic has certainly made our life easier and allowed us to keep our sanity.

Here is an interesting article from the Huffington Post on the Dummy Debate that you might find as interesting as I did. It is interesting to see that a dummy is an easier habit to break than thumb sucking and that is another thing I hate to see so maybe I have chosen the lesser of two evils.

What is your point of view on this debate, I would love to hear your thoughts.