I am nesting … really badly.

The evil iron.

The evil iron.

I know it’s bad as I actually spent an hour ironing stuff today (a chore that I normally cannot see the point of). It’s funny what nesting makes you want to do, my poor hubby looked at me blankly the other day when I insisted that the bathroom walls need to be washed before the little one arrives (he’s a good hubby and he realised it was best to just agree!). I know with four weeks to go that there isn’t long to get these ‘jobs’ done but I’m at a loss to understand why I suddenly think these things are important when they have never really bothered me before.

The problem with nesting is that it leaves me exhausted, I get one small job done and that’s me for a good couple of hours, not helpful when your mind is racing with the hundreds of ‘jobs’ that must get done. I have learned the importance of listening to my body though (and it is a great excuse to have another cup of tea, I am British after all) and do take the opportunity to sit and relax for a bit as I know I won’t be doing so much of that very soon. I have also learnt the importance of prioritising these ‘jobs’ (again the wonderful hubby helps here by kindly telling me to not be silly, a brave thing for a man to tell a heavily pregnant woman!), the bathroom walls have not been washed yet but the baby clothes are washed and the bassinet is made. I hope I remember to keep this perspective when baby is here, after all does the little one really care if the bathroom walls are a bit dirty or is he more interested in a cuddle from his Mummy and Daddy? I’m guessing it’s the latter.

In the meantime I will continue to nest and occasionally my poor hubby will get bizarre ‘important jobs’ requests which I have no doubt he will kindly agree to or gentle ignore. Then in four weeks time we will stop and enjoy those baby cuddles.