Where do ideas come from?

I got asked the other day where my ideas come from and I must admit I found it quite a hard question to answer. I often think I have quite an over active imagination and ideas just tend to pop into my brain. I guess I might see something I like and it’s like a little seed that slowly grows. I’m a fan of the quirky so most of my ideas will fall into this category, remember the octopus hat? I’m also a fan of colour and as I ink most children are too I tend to get to indulge this passion. Inspiration can come from many sources, the TV, things I see in shops, a picture, the list could go on. When an idea comes to me I have to do one of two things, make it or jot it down so I have a little note book in which I doodle down my ideas for safe keeping. (If I go down the making road I always take a picture of the finished product to make sure I have a record of it for later).

I like to think of my crochet as my main creative outlet (at least until the boy is old enough to get stuck into some serious crafting with me – I can’t wait for that day!) and as such I let my imagination run wild. I am a teacher by trade and so am not afraid of a challenge, I have taught 32 nine and ten year olds how to make sock creatures before now (a note for any teachers out there, sewing with 32 children, two thirds of which can’t thread a needle, is really hard work but extraordinarily rewarding!). I miss that creative outlet as you are allowed to be quirky when it comes to children, I guess therefore that it was only natural that I would need to find another. I’m just thankful that there seems to be at least a few people who like my ideas so I hope they keep whizzing my way!


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