Life just got a whole lot more interesting

We’re back from our travels (actually been back a couple of weeks but has taken a while to get back into the swing of things!) and life has got interesting. We had a lovely time away with family, the little one getting thoroughly spoilt. The really fun and interesting bit though is that the little one became mobile whilst we were away! It was great that the grandparents got to share this moment and it was a lot of fun to watch, it has however made getting home rather more fun.

Obviously we left with a pretty much stationary baby who could roll but basically stayed where you put him. We came back with a baby who refuses to stay in one spot for more than about five seconds! All of a sudden something as simple as going to the toilet is filled with dilemma!

We took the decision not to massively change things in the house and hope that he learns ‘no’ nice and quick, so far it has worked. We are due to move house in two months so if we need to we can set the new house up better for a small mobile monster!


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