Exhausting weekends and fancy fabric

My weekend was exhausting and not in a good way. The little one has his first cold (at least that’s what we think it is as he does sound awfully snuffly) and with that came a temperature. This led to a very grumpy baby. Thankfully Hubby was around to help (although he was feeling jet lagged after finishing a run of seven night shifts). We did manage a nice walk on the Saturday and Sunday I was given a pass to go shopping and get a haircut, but other than that is was trying to keep the little one happy. It felt a little like whatever we did just didn’t cut the mustard although I am sure that has a lot to do with a squiffy perspective and a feeling of over tiredness.

My beautiful new fabric

My beautiful new fabric

It would seem that whatever is bothering him is still bothering him as his temperature is still raised and he’s still grumpy. I was given permission to head to he fabric shop today though and was very happy to see that the fabric I have been coveting was on offer meaning I HAD to buy it! Four meters of fabric, two patterns and a few bits and bobs later (including a bit of a dent in the bank balance!) I now have the means to make myself a nice skirt and a pair of funky trousers for the little man. All I need now is the energy to get on and do it!

4 thoughts on “Exhausting weekends and fancy fabric

  1. Hope he is on the mend. Try ‘Fess’ saline spray in his nose (there are gentle baby sprays) or ‘Flo’ saline spray. It will help him breathe easier when laying down and prevent all that mucus banking up into an ear infection. A picture of the funky pants when they are finished please? Very cute fabric.

      • Sorry, didn’t mean to alarm you! My kids are very susceptible and no one told me this trick until we were in the midst of many ear infections. Just wanted to share the info. It works well, Panadol may help reduce congestion a bit and assist him getting to sleep. Poor little one.

      • You didn’t alarm me, it’s a thought that has crossed my mind before I just hadn’t thought about a cold becoming an ear infection. He seems better today though and his temperature is gone so fingers crossed we are over the worst of it 🙂

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