A little bit extra

No matter how hard I try I often gain stitches when I crochet. I’m not really sure how I do it as I am very careful, counting stitches as I go to make sure I am following the pattern, checking the number of stitches on a regular basis, using place markers to ensure I know where a row ends. But despite all of this I still gain stitches. If it is only one or two then I can fix it as I go along but sometimes one or two becomes ten or more and invariably that means starting again. It’s more than a little frustrating, even more so now crafting time is precious and making mistakes can lead me to feel like I have wasted that precious time. Maybe it’s from the over excitement of actually getting to do some crafting, maybe I need to calm myself down a little bit!

Oh we’ll, it looks like I am going to have to undo some of my work and try and figure out where I went wrong. The little one is still asleep so there is still crafting time to be had this morning!


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