Battles won and lost

I feel like I am fighting a battle most days, battles about feeding, battles about sleeping, battles with washing, battles to get things done…you get the picture.

At the weekend I surrendered to one battle, after eleven weeks of stress and discomfort I decided that my breast feeding journey needed to end, my sanity couldn’t take it any more. I have been a much happier bunny since making the decision and am proud of myself for making it this far. Yes it is preferential to continue to breastfeed but it is also preferential to have a mummy who is not an emotional wreck.

The next battle to conquer is to do with sleep. The little one is actually not to bad at sleeping at night thankfully, we normally have him asleep by 8-8:30 and he will normally go for about five or six hours from that point. After that it is three or four hour blocks until about 6 or 7. It is the daytime sleeping that is the battle, the boy does not seem to like napping. I watch for the tired signals, pop him down and within 20-30 mins he is awake and screaming. He is clean, fed and happy when he goes down so I am at a loss as to what the problem is. I am beginning to tear my hair out as it obviously makes it very difficult for me to rest or to get anything done. It sometimes seems that the only time he will sleep in the day is when he is in the car or in the buggy (again not very helpful for me to rest).

Can any of you lovely experienced mummy’s offer me any advice, suggestions before I go crazy?!


One thought on “Battles won and lost

  1. Hmm, they can be tricky ones. Lots of my friends go for ‘sleep drives’ that is they go for a drive with their baby with the sole intention of getting them to sleep. I got really fit after my second baby because I walked her everywhere in the pram and she fell asleep in it a lot. But I think you probably need a more permanent, routine kind of solution. I found the book ‘Sleep Right, Sleep Tight’ by Tweedle Child and Family Health to be very useful. It has a flow chart on what to try for both younger and older babies. I used it with my first two children and my third was lucky to be put in bed with all the running around I had with my first two – so he always slept. Keep trying different things and if all else fails try the book. Sounds like you are doing well.

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