A sad day

My Mum and Dad have left for home today so we are all feeling a little glum. It has been so wonderful having them here to stay and help and I know the little one has enjoyed the extra cuddles he has been getting.

Generally it is not too bad being so far from home, I guess we just kind of get used to life on our own. The world is much smaller now with things like Skype to keep in touch and actually see each other. Now Mum and Dad have been here though suddenly I feel so far from home and hate the fact that I have made my son live so far from his wonderful grandparents. I know in reality he will know no difference and will have a special relationship with them regardless, it will just be a different kind of relationship to that which I had with my grandparents.

I also know that in a week or so we will all be back in to the swing of our normal life. We will get used to having only the two of us to get things done, to grabbing our opportunities to do things while the little one sleeps rather than having others to occupy him. It’s not going to be easy readjusting but we will. For now though I will concentrate on trying not to feel too glum, to having fun with the little one and getting the things I need to done.


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