Definition of Grandparents: Amazing

My Mum and Dad are staying with us, they have travelled all the way from the UK to New Zealand to meet their one and only grandchild. They are loving all the cuddles they are getting (as is the little one who seems particularly fond of snoozing on Nanny!).

Having my own child has made me appreciate even more the awesome job my own parents did in raising me and I see them in a whole new light as they calmly and confidently help to soothe my little man. I always thought my own grandparents were the bees knees and loved spending time with them (especially helping with the baking and the all important job of licking the bowl!) and I can now see how awesome my own parents will be as Grandparents. I feel slightly guilty in having their grandson on the other side of the planet knowing that they and the little one will miss out on those fun weekend visits but I know the visits we do have will be ever so special.

For now I am loving the extra pairs of hands, the extra sleep that is allowing me and the happy looks on their faces every time the little one gives them a big toothless grin.


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