A New Project

The toy box to be

The toy box to be

I’m excited. I have a new project and new projects always excite me! Finding the time to actually complete the project may be tricky but the idea and the will is there so I am sure we will manage somehow.

My inspiration

My inspiration

The project is a toy box for the little one. For someone who is only seven weeks old he has a pretty impressive amount of toys already, we figured that unless we provide a place for them to live they will end up populating the floor (which will become a major problem when he gets into Lego and starts leaving those evil ‘one’ blocks lying about…anyone who has ever trodden on one of those will understand where I am coming from!). Five minutes on Trade Me (the New Zealand version of EBay) led to a blanket box being purchased and the toy box project was conceived.

Maybe I'll paint a robot like this

Maybe I’ll paint a robot like this

The plan is to paint it up a nice colour and decorate it with space themed pictures (I’m not sure why space, it just seemed the thing to do). I have spent the afternoon on the Internet, pinned some pictures to Pinterest and am ready to go. I love to jazz up old items and give them a new purpose in life, it is much more fun than going out and buying the item ready made, not to mention cheaper. Generally speaking you can pick up good quality items that were built to last (something a lot of today’s products are not). This way we can get something that has been personalised for the little one and prevented a perfectly good blanket box from going to the dump. Mummy also gets to have fun completing the project and Daddy gets to play with the electric sander, it’s a win all round situation!

Somehow I now need to find the time to sand, prime, paint and varnish the box…this is the tricky bit. Obviously at only seven weeks old the little one is rather demanding time wise, I’m hoping that with hubby’s help we will manage to complete the project before he’s old enough to actually use it. I think this one will be a case of watch this space.


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