Nanny and Granddad

When I was little I was very close to my Dad’s Mum and Dad, they were known as Nanny and Granfy. I’m not really sure where the name Granfy came from but that was what grandfathers were called as far as I was concerned. Hubby’s grandparents were Nana and Granddad and Grandma and Pop’s (Pop’s apparently deciding on his name to slightly annoy his wife who went with the more conservative option!). As soon as we found out we were expecting the little one the obvious question had to be asked of both sets of parents, what did they want to be known as.

It was funny to think of these people who we had only ever known as Mum and Dad now had to decide on what their grandparental identity would be. It got me thinking about all the quirky names that grandparents are known by, those funny little family words that make those grandparents even more special to their grandchildren. It’s almost like a special little club with a secret password that only those in the know use. I guess I kind of expected that my Dad would choose Granfy after all that’s what grandfathers are called, aren’t they?! He didn’t though. My Mum and Dad went for Nanny and Granddad and Hubby’s went for Grandma and Granddad.

The really exciting bit for us is Nanny and Granddad arrive in New Zealand on Thursday for a three week visit. The little one is going to get lots of cuddles and to be honest Mummy is hoping for a few too!


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