Happy Hubby

The Hubby is happy. Last night he sat next to me on the sofa and giggled.

Why was his giggling you might ask? Well he was giggling as the little one seemed to be making a concerted effort to bash his way out (or maybe get a role in an alien film!). We have a very active little boy on the way. Some people talk abou their babies having quiet times and active times, not our little boy…he seems to be on the go most of the time! The Hubby loves the chance to interact with the little one, it makes him happy. I love it too as it is nice to know the little one is ok. Yesterday however left me feeling rather bashed and bruised!

I wonder whether he is going to be as fidgety when he arrives as he is at the moment. If he is we are going to have our hands full!


One thought on “Happy Hubby

  1. Hi handmademummy. As you were kind enough to pop over to my blog I figured I should return the favour.

    I am glad I did as I am really enjoying what I have read of your blog so far.

    This last post made me smile too. Good luck with the baby.

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