Crazy Crochet hats

A crochet Tuatara

A crochet Tuatara

One of my greatest crafting passions is crochet, I love it! I particularly like crocheting funny little creatures (known as Amigurumi) and have made dragons, hippos, octopus and tuatara (a New Zealand lizard) to name a few. I’m not quite at the designing my own stage, instead relying on the many very clever people out there that do the hard work of putting an awesome design together to do that part for me. I also like to make hats and have been eagerly looking forward to creating one for the little one.

One of my favourite crochet designers is a lady called Kat Goldin who blogs at Slugs on the Refrigerator. Originally from America she now lives in Scotland with her husband and three children. I love her designs because they are quirky, well written and achievable. Who can resist a little dinosaur hat, a lion hat or an aviator hat? Well I couldn’t and so last Monday set about making the latter for our little one to wear home from hospital (that’s the plan anyway).

Excuse the model!

Excuse the model!

I had made one of these before for a friends baby so I knew what to expect. The start of the hat is worked on the round and then in rows to achieve the built up back and ear flaps. The goggles are made separately and then carefully sewn on at the end. The whole hat took me about 3 hours to make (whilst watching TV) and successfully prevented me disturbing the hubby who was asleep after a night shift! As I said before the pattern is very well written and so easy to follow. The eyes for the goggles are probably the trickest bit as you are required to work one row in the front loop of the previous row and one in the back. Providing you concentrate though it’s not really that hard.

The pattern comes in several sizes so my next job is to make an adult sized one so the hubby can wear one with the little one, won’t they look cute together!


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