Making new friends

I had so much fun making the little monster (now named Blob) yesterday that today I decided to make him a friend (as yet unnamed). He’s made in the same way but obviously he is a little different. I decided on ears instead of antenna this time and thought a different body shape would be in order. He has a lovely big heart to show how much love he has to share too! This will have to be my last cuddly for a while though as I am back in work for two weeks tomorrow (boo!) and I have run out of softie guts (double boo!).

I should probably stop procrastinating anyway and concentrate on the jobs that actually need to be done, like packing my hospital bag. I just have to work out what I should be putting in there…any suggestions will be gratefully received.


One thought on “Making new friends

  1. I love your super cute monster toys. With a 15 month old and a 6 week old I don’t seem to have enough spare time to embark on any lovely crafts like this although I’d like to. My best recent efforts are Christmas stockings for the children:

    My best hospital bag item was a flannel…I found the cool water on my face really helped in the boiling hot delivery room…happy packing!

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