Crafting away a hot sunny afternoon

Being 8 months pregnant means that hot sunny afternoons are not as pleasant as they might be … finding a bit of a breeze and trying to get comfy are my big priorities at the moment. So with the windows and doors wide open I decided a bit of crafting in the afternoon was required. If I’m going to hide away inside I just as well do something productive!

planning the monster

planning the monster

The husband wanted me to make a robot for our little one but I wanted to try something different so decided a cuddly monster was in order this time. A few minutes on the internet to research and a plan started to form, a few more minutes with a sketch book and the plan was finalised. Next I dove into the fabric box again and selected what I was going to use, part of an old red towel, some of one of hubby’s old t-shirts (again!) and a few scraps of patterned fabric.

I created a pattern using pieces of newspaper and cut out all the pieces needed. Next I appliqued the face and tummy parts onto the towel piece as I had decided I wanted my monster to have a textured front. I added a bit of stuffing behind the face and tummy pieces to give them a little extra “puff” when the monster was finished. The arms, legs and antenna then needed to be sewn and stuffed. It is helpful to use a chop stick (or something similar) to turn these pieces the right way out as their narrow ends can make this tricky.

The pieces ready to sew together

The pieces ready to sew together

Next, just like with the robot, I pinned all the pieces together making sure that the arms, legs and antenna were pointing to the inside so that when I turned him the right way they popped out. The extra stuffing and all the appendages meant he was quite bulky and so I had to be extra careful when sewing around the edge to make sure everything was caught in and in the right place. Again don’t forget that you need to leave a hole to turn your cuddly friend the right way round, I normally leave this between the legs.

The final step is to stuff your new friend, being careful to work the stuffing into all the nooks and crannies. I always take my time to ensure that I am going to be happy with the finished shape. I then carefully pinned the hole shut and used a ladder stitch to close the hole (I sew this twice to make double sure that it’s not going to pop open again).

The completed monster

The completed monster

I’m really happy with how he has turned out and absolutely love his little face with its wonky smile and odd sized eyes. I love the way these handmade cuddlies have there own personality and that even if I tried to make another one it would look different with a slightly different character. It was a great excuse to repurpose a few old bits and pieces again as well, this time a towel and two of hubby’s t-shirts (don’t worry dear these were both in the approved pile!). I love recycling old bits and pieces, giving them a new life. By making it myself I can make sure there are no little bits and pieces to be pulled off as well making a little more baby friendly and of course it costs a fraction of going out and buying a new cuddly (plus I think he is better than a boring one-a-dozen shop bought one). Above all else though it is a great excuse to let your imagination run wild on a hot, sunny afternoon!


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