Making new from old

My husband loves t-shirts. He has lots of them and so every few months I have to force him to cull them otherwise we will quickly find that all the clothes drawers are full of them! In an effort to lessen the pain of one said t-shirt cull I promised to make something cool with them. Originally this was going to be some cushion covers for his study but with the little one on the way and the nesting instinct kicking in badly I decided I wanted to make something baby related…the t-shirt bib was the answer.

Monster and slodge t-shirt bibs.

Monster and splodge t-shirt bibsbib was the answer.

A couple of years ago hubby bought me the book “One Metre Wonders” by Rebecca Yaker. It is full of fun little projects that can be made with a metre of fabric (or less) and in it is the pattern to make a baby bib. I located the pattern,
cut it out and then grabbed two of hubby’s t-shirts (pre-approved ones!) and an old but still fluffy towel.

First I pinned the pattern out on the t-shirt, making sure to line the design on the t-shirt up with the design on the t-shirt so it became the focus of the bib. Then I carefully cut the bib out before cutting another bib shape out of the old towel. Sewing the bib up is pretty easy, with correct sides together I used my machine to stitch the two pieces together but remembering to leave a small hole large enough to allow you to turn the bib correct way out. When it was turned out I carefully pressed it (watch the print on the t-shirt as this might ruin if you use a hot iron directly on it) and then stitched a running stitch all around the edge, being especially carefully to catch the ends of the turning hole so that it becomes closed. The final step was to add a snap or some velcro to allow the bib to be attached around bub.

Applique bibs

Applique bibs

My husband does have cool t-shirts so I love the designs that have ended up on the front of two of the bibs, especially the monster! I decided to make some more as well as so employed a bit of applique to decorate two more made with other parts of the t-shirt (I’m sure you can never have too many bibs!). An awesome charity called CanTeen has an annual bandana day each year selling a number of cotton bandanas with cool designs on them. I hacked into a couple of old ones of these and so now we have a rather cool boom box bib and one with hand prints on too.

Fingers crossed they are going to look pretty cool on the little one when he is here and at least hubby is happy that his old t-shirt has become something funky for his son. Now to work out what else to do with the left over t-shirt fabric!


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