Cuddly Robots

One of my favourite things to make are soft toys (or cuddlies as I like to call them). I make them from crochet, socks and fabric. In fact we have quite a few crazy creations in the house already that have sat on shelves waiting for someone to give them a purpose other than decoration (after all toys are made to be played with, aren’t they?).

After a trip to New Plymouth to visit some friends and their little boy I decided a cuddly thank you was needed as they have very kindly lent us a lot of clothes and baby bits and pieces. Two fabric friends I had bought a while ago were my inspiration and I set about making a robot. Again the fabric box was raided for scraps that would stand up to the task of being played with, I choose a piece of stripy upholstery fabric and a piece of denim type fabric with stars on it. These would form the basis of the robot with a few other scraps to be used for arms, legs, antenna, and decorations. A quick sketch to visualise what I wanted to achieve and then off with the sewing.

A robot ready for a cuddle.

A robot ready for a cuddle.

The first thing I did was cut out and then sew the decoration onto the face of the robot. I used the denim fabric for this part and a selection of rectangles, circles and cog designs came together to create a face and some buttons. On the back of the robot I used the lettering feature o my sewing machine to write “this robot belongs to …” just to add a personalised touch. When the decoration was complete I sewed the arms, legs and antenne together (right side together) before turning them right way and stuffing them with fluff (known as softie guts in our house!).

The last step was to pin the front and back of the robot together with the arms and legs in place (make sure they are pointing towards the inside of the robot so that when you turn him right side out they pop into view!) and then sew all the way round leaving a gap to allow you to turn him out. I stuffed the robot to be quite firm and then, using a ladder stitch, closed up the gap.

Obviously because he is intended for a little boy (not quite 1 year old) I didn’t use toy eyes etc but if you were making this for an older child you could use these things too. Fingers crossed the little man will like his new friend and maybe I will have to sit down and make one for our little one too!

(the inspiration for this little guy came from two cuddly robots I bought from a lady called Paisley Jade. She is an awesome cuddly creator and blog writer based in Whangarei, New Zealand. You can check out her blog here.)

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