The nursery

Our finished tree :)

The nursery tree.

I love our nursery!

Before we started painting the room was bright purple, certainly not a colour to create a calm, sleepy atmosphere. Three coats of paint later the room is a beautiful summery yellow. I’m not big on stereotypes so decided to forgo the normal “boy” themes, instead opting for a woodland theme complete with a large tree and owl on one wall.

We live in a 100 year old villa with very tall ceilings (3.2m), this made painting the walls interesting but it also meant that commercial decals were out as they would look too small in the room. I wasn’t going to let that stop me so using chalk drew out a tree on the wall and painted the trunk on. I thought about stencilling the leaves on but decided it would be nice to create some texture so my husband and I very patiently spent about two hours cutting out leaves and then sticking them onto the tree. Finally I created an applique owl to sit on the branch and look over our little one while he sleeps (he will sleep, won’t he?).

Did I mention that I love the finished result?

Next to create some artwork to go on the wall…more about this later.


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